First zonal wind profile obtained by Doppler imaging technique


In 2015, we obtained test measurements with the MeO telescope in Calern and then in 2016, we completed a first observations run with the C2PU telescope in Calern. These two runs permitted to solve a number of technical issues and allowed to develop the whole data processing procedure. As a first result, we produced a first zonal wind profile on Jupiter, which was compared with zonal wind obtained  by cloud-tracking from HST observations.This result was the object of a publication in Icarus (Gonçalves et al, 2019).

In 2017, we installed the instrument at the Dunn Solar Telescope at the Sacramento Peak in New Mexico (USA). New observations were done during spring 2018. A new zonal wind profile was obtained. Thanks to the capability of the telescope to rotate the field of view at the entrance of the instrument, it was possible to calibrate the instrumental effect due to the orientatio of the field. We produced a new zonal profile, and even a full map of the zonal wind.

The other components of the wind could also be retrieved, but not all at the same time.


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