Alejandra Recio-Blanco

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office : UMR LAGRANGE Bureau : C1-15
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I am Astronome Adjointe at the Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur (Lagrange Laboratory). My research interests are Galactic Archaeology, stellar physics and data analysis.

Galactic Archaeology expects to reconstruct the history of the Milky Way by analysing stars, just as the history of life was deduced by examining rocks, Stars record their past in their ages, chemical compositions and kinematics and can provide unprecedented constraints on the early phases of galaxy formation back to redshifts greater than two (a look-back time of about 10 billion years). How did our galaxy form? What is its place and ours in the cosmic evolution? These are part of the questions that my research work tries to unveil

Several on-going and planned spectroscopic surveys of the Milky Way, culminating in the European Space Agency Gaia mission, are revolutionizing our knowledge about Galactic stellar populations. I am member of the Gaia project and of several ground-based surveys. You can read more about my implication in Galactic Archaeology surveys and projects here.

  • I was a nominated member of the French National Committee of the Conseil National des Astronomes et Physiciens (CNAP)
  • I was also nominated member of the French Programme National de Physique Stellaire (PNPS) Scientific Committee and of the French Stellar Committee of 2 meters telescopes.
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