Coping with the risks induced by large earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides impacting our societies and environment

In the telluric hazard field, Geoazur’s researches focus on:

  • ground acceleration and site effects in response to seismic loading;
  • gravitational instability and the relationships between seismic stress and gravity movement;
  • the structural response and vulnerability of buildings and crucial structures, as well as the site’s exposure, when facing seismic stress and gravity force;
    societal risks.

In that context, the teams work on:

  • intensive and continuous monitoring of landslides located in South-Eastern France (e.g. La Clapière) by recording seismic, geodetic and hydro-geological data;
  • developing new rupture models that simulate the triggering of gravitational instability under seismic stress, and under fluid dynamics.