SEISMES Vignette EPOSTThe Early POSTseismic Deformation: a Key Process in the Earthquake Cycle. From Observation to Modeling.

The main objective of the project is to better understand the complex space and time evolution of postseismic transient processes to better assess their link with the coseismic processes and how they contribute to the stress redistribution, which might lead to the generation of catastrophic seismic sequences. The originality of the project is to focus on the shorter time scale of the postseismic phase, the transition from the co- to postseismic (i.e. early postseismic, from minutes to early days) and to test to what extent the better description and knowledge of the co- and early postseismic deformation help to resolve the longer time-scale postseismic deformation (months - years).

The E-POST Young Researcher project is supported by the main French Research Funding Agency ANR over the period 2015-2019.

PI :M. Vergnolle
ANR 2015
Project website :
BEGIN : 2015
END : 2019