logo EARLINatural hazards such as earthquakes are difficult to predict. Dramatic developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), however, are paving the way for anticipating destructive events. The EU-funded EARLI project will use AI to identify weak, early seismic signals to both speed up early warning and explore the possibility of earthquake prediction. Specifically, it will implement an early-warning approach based on a newly identified signal, caused by the perturbation of the gravity field generated by an earthquake, which is ~6 orders of magnitude smaller than seismic waves (strongly limiting its detection with standard techniques), but precedes them. The second, more exploratory, objective will be to adapt the developed AI algorithm to search for even earlier signals preceding the origin of large earthquakes.

OCA Scientific Days 2020 - talk in french


De l'IA pour prévenir les séismes - Journal d'Arte, 30/01/2021 (© ARTE - Manuel Dantas)

FROM: January 2021