As part of its statutory and knowledge transfer functions, the Côte d’Azur Observatory has signed collaboration agreements with research institutes and universities nationally and internationally, as well as partnerships with industry. OCA is also supported by local authorities and is involved locally in cultural and educational partnerships.

  • ESO

Consortium agreement involving several European institutes for Matisse (the mid-infrared focal second generation instrument of the Very Large Telescope Interferometer, or VTLI) developed in collaboration with ESO. 

  • ESA

Partnerships in the framework of the HERA and LISA space missions and the Anatolia Consortium - Funding of studies and PhDs.

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  • EGO Consortium

Artemis Laboratory is involved in the French-Italian Consortium "European Gravitational Observatory" for the implementation of the VIRGO project.

  • EPOS-GNSS Consortium

The OCA is a member of this consortium for the construction of GNSS data gateway.

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  • CTA Consortium

The OCA is a member of the CTA consortium during the construction, commissioning and operation phases of the Cherenkov Telescope Array.

CTA Consortium
  • University of Alcalá (Spain)

Collaboration agreement "Low-frequency DAS for tsunami wave detection".

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  • University of Maryland Department of Astronomy (USA)

Agreement for the development of collaborative programs in the field of planetary science and the study of the solar system, cosmology, celestial mechanics and the modeling and simulation of astrophysical objects and processes.

  • University of Tübingen Eberhard Karls (Germany)

GEPARD research project "Growth and Evolution of Planets in protoplAnetaRy Disks" (ANR/ DFG).
  • Osservatorio Astronomico di Torino (Italy)

Agreement for the transfer of a polarimeter belonging to the Turin Astronomical Observatory of the Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF-OATO) and based on the C2PU telescope at OCA’s Plateau de Calern observation site. 




Creation of a Joint Laboratory on October 10, 2018 between OCA, CNRS, Université Côte d'Azur and Thales Alenia Space on optical systems and onboard instrumentation, astrophysics and planetary exploration missions and geosciences. Collaborative actions are carried out in particular through the hosting and training of PhD students.

  • OGS Technologies

Partnership agreement in the fields of free space optical links (laser, observation, atmosphere), time-frequency metrology, telecoms, laser telemetry, astronomy and SSA.

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  • Ariane Group

Collaboration agreement in the areas of laser range finding, management of space debris, space surveillance and geodesy.

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  • Azur Géo Logic

Collaboration on the project "Impacts of climate change on water resources and development of innovative tools in the metrology of Air/Soil interfaces".

Azur Géo Logic Etude Sol Geologie 06

Funding contract for the WIND project "3D Waveform Inversion for ultra-long offset multi-componet Node Data" and a CIFRE grant.

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Funding contract for the WIND project "3D Waveform Inversion for ultra-long offset multi-componet Node Data" and a CIFRE grant.

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Funding contract for the WIND project "3D Waveform Inversion for ultra-long offset multi-componet Node Data" and a CIFRE grant.

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  • First-TF consortium agreement

OCA is member of the FIRST-TF Consortium, a french thematic network aiming to gather all the actors involved in time-frequency. 

  • RESIF consortium agreement

Consortium agreement as part of the Equipex RESIF (French Seismological and Geodetic Network) research infrastructure made up of multi-scale seismological and geodetic stations that measure the permanent and temporary deformations of French soil.

  • REFIMEVE+ consortium agreement

The Geoazur and Artemis laboratories are partners of Equipex REFIMEVE+ (Pan-European Metrological Fiber Network).

  • EFISOFT (ELT French Instrument SOFTware team)

The OCA (Lagrange Laboratory) is member of the ELT network of instrument control software specialists.


  • ForM@Ter

OCA is member of the french Solid Earth Center whose mission is to facilitate access to data and contribute to the creation of new products and services by adding value to the available spatial and in-situ data.

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  • BRGM

Research collaboration agreements within the framework of PhDs of the "Geological Repository of France" program.

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  • CEA

Realisation of joint studies in the field of geosciences.

  • CNES
Realisation of joint studies in the field of geosciences and space.
Implementation of a scientific partnership with the Geoazur Laboratory
  • IPEV
Collaboration Agreement for the implementation of the ASTEP+ program.
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  • IRSN
Collaboration Agreement in the field of seismotectonic analysis and seismic hazard.
IRSN radioprotection

Collaboration agreement within the framework of a PhD on "Development of the CHARA/SPICA-VIS instrument and optimization of a N-arm stellar interferometer".

  • GRGS Space Geodesy

OCA is a member of GRGS, a space geodesy research group that federates 12 French research teams.




OCA receives support from local authorities for the renovation of its facilities, for research activities through a doctoral and postdoctoral fellowship program and funding of scientific conferences, and also in its knowledge dissemination activities.

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The OCA is a partner of the Memorandum of Understanding between the research and higher education structures of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region for the dissemination of Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture.  

The Schaumasse telescope is made available for tours and courses organized by AQUILA, the University of Nice astronomy association.


Transfer of the Francois Giraud Telescope to the Centre International de Valbonne (CIV) for educational purposes in collaboration with PSTJ


Partnership agreement for astrophysical observations on the C2PU telescope with the 2SPOT (Southern Spectroscopic Project Observatory Team) association.