This is the second step in the three-step process to get a mission through the ESA
approval process. The first step was the identification of „The Gravitational Universe“
as the Science Theme for the L3 flight opportunity in 2013. The next step will be the Mission Adoption
in the early 2020s, giving green light for the placement of large industrial contracts for the flight hardware.
We are currently searching for a good date and place for the next full LISA Consortium meeting,
but you can expect it to happen in fall of 2017, late enough so that we have some reliable results from the
Phase-0 Study to discuss, and early enough, so we can plan for fixing possibly remaining
loose ends in the Payload planning.
After the LIGO discoveries and the LISA Pathfinder success, LISA is in excellent shape now,
and will be turning more and more into reality as a flight project. We can all be proud of our hard work!