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 Index :  Acquisition (procedure) -  Acquisition (suggestion form)  - Order tracking system - Purchasing (procedure)  - Purchasing  (follow-up and annual list : restricted access, prior connexion required)  - Subscription (print) (available issues  :  Calern ; Nice ; Sophia-Antipolis)


  • The purchasing system

    You can send us a purchase request for any kind of documents :
    - by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;
    - or via the book suggestion form.

    We recommend you :
    - to justify your requests ;
    - to specify if your need is "urgent" or "normal" (specific solutions will be offered in case of emergency).

    Suggestions for purchase are examined continuously from January to December by laboratory's directors or their representative.
    (with the exception of journals : only when subscriptions are renewed, generally in October).

     You are automatically informed by e-mail of the follow-up given to your requests (accepted or refused).

  • The order tracking system

    All information relating to the order tracking  is specified in the annual list (restricted access :  prior click to "connexion" at the top of this page - enter your password and then return to this page and click on the article)

    The items will be automatically reserved in your name on your reader account.

    After the delivery of the items, you will be informed of their availability by e-mail.

  • Accessioning of serials

    Check the availability of a journal issue  by consulting  your library's list
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