December 2019, Run remote (PI Isabelle Tallon)

UT2019-12-12  pdfReport  Night of poor quality with clouds and poor seing  r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
     V67 HD5015 3xE2W2  
     V27 eps Aur 2xS1S2 HR656  
UT2019-12-11  pdfReport Some clouds at beginning and then variable to poor seeing  r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
     V70: Deneb 1xS1S2 HR656  
     V27: eps Aur 2xS1S2 HR656  
     V67: HD24546 5xS1W2 but binary...  
UT2019-12-10   pdfReport Good conditions after humidity at beginning  r0 (pdfplot andtxt data)
     V70: Deneb 1xS1S2 HR656  
     V27 epsAur 2xS1S2 HR656  
     V67 HD5015 3xW1W2 MR720  
     NOAO HD37479 1xE1W1 (but difficult and poor quality)  
     V72 bet CMi 8xW1W2  
UT2019-12-09   No observations  
UT2019-12-08   No observations  
UT2019-12-07   No Observations  
UT2019-12-06   No Observations  

October 2019, Run Remote (PI Anthony Salsi)

UT2019-10-12  pdfReport  Very good night with excellent seeing  r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
    V52 SV Vul: 7x E2W2W1  
    V01: HD209458: 3x S1W1  
    VNOAO: 1xS1W1 on HD36485, HD37017, HD37479  
UT2019-10-11 No observations: high winds, low r0, fire, power outage: la totale!  r0 (pdfplot)
UT2019-10-10  pdfReport Good night at the begining, then high winds  r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
    V65: V379 Cep: 6xS2W2W1  
    V38: HD27962: 2xS2W2  
UT2019-10-09  pdfReport Good night but again technical issues with CLIMB/OPLE communications  r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
    V70: HD190603 1xS2E2W  
    V67: HD187217: 3xS2E2 + HD188853: 3xE2W2  
    V38: HD27819: 4xS2E2 + HD33904: 3xS2E2  
UT2019-10-08  pdfReport  Lof of technical issues  r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)

 V70: Deneb: 1xS1S2

     V01: HD189733 ('4xS1W2), HD209458 (3xS1W1)  
     V38: HD33904 (1xE1E2W2 + 3xE1E2)  
UT2019-10-07  Report  Excellent night  r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
    V27: eps Aur: 3xE1E2  
    V67: HD183124: 3xE2W2, HD188853: 3xE2W2  
    V38! HD27819 (3xE2E1W2), HD27962 (3xE2E1W2), HD11415 (4xE2E1W2)  
UT2019-10-06  pdfReport Good night r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
 V52: T Vul 5xE2W2W1
 V65: V379 Cep: 6xE2W2W1
 V27: eps Aur: 5x S1S2
 UT2019-10-05   pdfReport  Good night despite some technical issues  r0 (pdfplot and txtdata
 V01: HD209458 (3xS2E2, 1xE2W2)
 V67: HD185955 (3xE2W2)
 V38: HD3548 (3xE1E2W2), HD11415 (1xE1E2W2)
UT2019-10-04   pdfReport   Some issues and humidity   r0 (pdfplot and txtdata
 V70: HD197345 S1S2-HR656
 V01: HD189733: 3xE2W2
 V27: HD31964: 3xS1S2 (HD656, HR770, HR589)

August 2019, Run Remote (PI Nicolas)

UR2019Aug23 pdfReport Decent night r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
    V65: V379Cep 3xS1S2W2  
    V70: S2E2W2: HD190603 (2x), HD193237 (2x), HD198478 (2x), HD204172 (1x + 1xE2W2)  
UT2019Aug22 pdfReport Very good night r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
    V01: HD189733: 3xS2W2  
    V67: HD183124 (3xW1W2, 3xS2W2), HD187217 (W1W2), HD188853 3xW1W2  
    V38: HD886: 3xS2W2W1  
UT2019Aug21 pdfReport Excellent seeing but energy issue in Calern r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
    V65: V379 Cep 5xE2W1W2  
    V38: HD886: 2xS2W1W2  
UT2019Aug20 pdfReport Good night but NIRO Clock issues r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
    V65: V1143 CYg 4xE2W1W2  
    V67: HD182694 3xW1W2  
    V38: HD886: 3x S2W1W2  
UT2019Aug19 pdfReport Excellent night with good conditions r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
    V70: S1S2, HR656, HD198478 3xE2W2  
    V01: HD189733 3xE2W2 and 3xE2W1  
    V67: HD182694: 3xE2W2  
UT2019Aug18 pdfReport Good night r0 (pdfplot andtxt data)
    V65: S2S1W2x5 on V1143 Cyg (rather nice series) (MR720)  
    V70: HD190693 E2W2x2 (MR656)+ HD204172 E2W2x1 (MR656)  
    V27: Eps Aur (MR656) E1E2x2  
UT2019Aug17 pdfReport Good night (but E2 vignetting issue)

r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)

    V52: T Vul (Rmax) E1E2W2x5  

V38: HD195810 S1S2W2x2, HD33959A S1S2W2x3

 V70: Deneb S1S2x2 HR656nm (AH=1h50 and AH=4h)
 UT2019Aug16 pdfReport Degradation of conditions r0 (pdfplot and txtdata
 V38: HD148112 S1S2W2x3, HD192640 S1S2W2x2, HD3360 S1S2W2x2
 V27: CMR656 S1S2x4
UT2019Aug15  pdfReport Good conditions r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
V52: SV Vul E1E2W2x5 (Rmax)
V38: HD192640 S2S1W2x1, HD3360 S2S1W2x2
V27: Eps Aur (HR mode: 656, 770 and 589nm)

July 2019, Run Remote (PI Vincent/Orlagh)

 UT2019Jul28 pdfReport  Good 1/2 n on CL Lac VEGA+MIRCx  r0 (pdfplot and txtdata
 V74: CL Lax: 3x S1S2 MR790 VEGA +6T MIRCx
 UT2019Jul27  pdfReport Good 1/2n on CL Lac VEGA+MIRCx r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
 V74: CL Lac: 1xS1S2 MR790 VEGA + 6T MIRCx

July 2019, Run Mt Wilson (PI Denis)

UT2019Jul10 pdfReport Technical issues with VEGA r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
    V01 HR5599 3xS1W1  
UT2019Jul09 pdfReport New AO and CESAR Engineering r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
    V01 HR5599 1xS1W1  
    V67: HD185955 3xW1W2 and HD182694 3xW1W2  
UT2019Jul08 pdfReport More AO & CESAR Engineering + Good VEGA 1/2 night r0 (pdfplot andtxt data)
V52 TVul: 4xE1E2W2
V67 E2W2 1xHD182694 and 2xHD185955 (but faint V²)
 UT2019Jul07 pdfReport More engineering on CESAR/TT+Fibers+AO. Clouds r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
 V70: 1xS1S2 on HD190603 and on HD204172
 UT2019Jul06 pdfReport New Eng tests with AO and CESAR + good VEGA obs after that.  r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
CESAR/TT ok and nice improvements with AO on S2 with correct conditions 
 V38: HD192640 2xS2W2W1, HD195810 3xS2W2W1
UT2019Jul05  pdfReport First half on CESAR then VEGA. Medium conditions r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
CESAR tests mainly engineering on S2+AO but conditions not very good 
 V70: 3xHR656-S1S2 Deneb, 2xS1S2MR656 on HD193237 and HD198478


June 2019, Remote run (PI Denis)

UT2019Jun17 pdfReport Good night but with degrading seeing r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
    V38: HD145570 (4xE2W2W1), HD149438 (3.5xE2W2W1), HD160762 (4xE2W2W1)  
    V67: HD185264 2xE2W2  
UT2019Jun16 pdfReport Variable seeing r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
    V01: 1xS1E1 on HR5599  
    V65: 1xS1S2W2 on V1143 Cyg  
    V52: TVul: 3xE1E2W2  
UT2019Jun15 pdfReport Good night with variable seeing r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
    V38: 3xE2W1W2 for HD148112 and HD152107   
    V65: 1xE2W2W1 on V1143 Cyg  
    V67: 3xW1W2 on HD181597  
UT2019Jun14 pdfReport Poor night in terms of seeing, wind, humidity and pollen r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
    V38: 1 poor qualitypoint on E2W2W1 for HD145570  
 UT2019Jun13 pdfReport  Good night but with technical issues on CHARA  r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
 V01: HD97658: 3xE2W1
   V52: T Vul: 7xE1E2W2
UT2019Jun12  pdfReport Good night but with some clouds r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
  V38: HD145570 (1 poor point), HD152107 (2pts) E2W2W1 
  V67: HD175740 3x W1W2

May 2019, Remote run (PI Vincent)

 UT2019May08  No Obs  High humidity and wind  
 UT2019May07  No Obs  High humidity and fog  
 UT2019May06  No Obs  High humidity and clouds  
 UT2019May05  pdfReport  Correct night, r0 5 then 12. Some Technical Issues  r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
 V01 HD97658 3xS1W2
 V67 HD185264 4xW1W2 + 3xE2W2
 UT2019May04  Report   Good night  r0 (plot and data
     V01 HD97658 4xE2W2  
     V38 HD114330 E2W2W1 (not completed)  
     V67 HD175740 3xW2W1, HD181597 3xW1W2  
 UT2019May03  pdfReport  Good night  r0 (plot and data)
     V38 HD89021 2XE2W2W1 HD97633 3xE2W2W1  
     V65 :V1143CYG 5xE2W2W1  
 UT2019May02   pdfReport  High humidity than good conditions  r0 (plot and data)
     V38 HD145389 3xE2W2W1.  

March 2019, Mount Wilson run (PI AnthonyM)

 UT2019Mar15 pdfReport Really poor seeing, no data r0 (pdfplot andtxt data)
 UT2019Mar14 pdfReport  Humidity and poor seing but some data recorded  r0 (pdfplot and txtdata
    zeta Gem, 1.5x E1E2 V52
    HD181597 4xE1E2 V67
 UT2019Mar13 No Obs  Humidity and poor seeing
 UT2019Mar12 No Obs  Bad weather conditions 
 UT2019Mar11 No Obs  Snow
 UT2019Mar10 No Obs High humidity and clouds
UT2019Mar09  No Obs  high humidity 


February 2019, Remote run (PI Denis)

UT2019Feb26  pdfReport  Good night with small clouds r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
  HD89021: 2xE1E2W2 V38
  HD175740: 5xE1E2 V67
  bet CMi: 4xE1E2 + 3xS1S2 + HR656 1xS1S2+1xE1E2 V72
UT2019Feb25  pdfReport Poor night with lot of clouds r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
  zeta Gem: 3xE1E2  V52
UT2019Feb24   No Obs  Thick could cover for the whole night
UT2019Feb23   pdfReport  A decent night with good observations r0 (pdfplot andtxt data)
   HD58142: 4xS2E2W2, HD114330 3xS2E2W2  V38
   HD73974 3xE2W2  V67

No Obs

 Snow again
UT2019Feb21 No Obs  Snow
UT2019Feb20  No Obs  High humidity and clouds