Les présentations des séminaires passés sont téléchargeables ci-dessous. Slides from previous seminars can be downloaded here, see below.

 18/09/2018  J. Novak  LUTH, Observatoire de Paris, France
 11/09/2018  G. Rau  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA  How to tackle giant Stars: multi-wavelength study of cool, evolved stars with HST and VLTI
 04/09/2018  C. Mingarelli  Center for Computational Astrophysics of the Flatiron Institute, USA  Gravitational-Wave Universe seen by Pulsar Timing Arrays
 26/06/2018  C. Wegg  MPIA, Germany  The Shape of the Inner Milky Way in Stars and Dark Matter
 19/06/2018  V. Parmentier  LAM, France  Understanding the complexity of exoplanets atmospheres
 12/06/2018  V. Airapetian  NASA Goddard/American Institute, USA  How to Detect Habitable Worlds?
 05/06/2018  H.-M. Schmid  ETH Zurich, Switzerland  The SPHERE/ZIMPOL: technical properties and science highlights
 22/05/2018  M. Conjat  Association Aquila  Le télescope Schaumasse de l'Observatoire de Nice
 15/05/2018  T. Beers  U. of Notre Dame, USA  The Origin of the Astrophysical r-Process
 19/04/2018  P. Lena  Academy of Sciences, France  Birth of the VLT: adaptive optics and interferometry
 17/04/2018  F. Primas  ESO, Germany  Heroes and Sheroes: fostering diversity and gender equity in Astronomy
 10/04/2018  E. Fernandez-Alvar  OCA, France  Insights into the Galactic Stellar Halo with APOGEE
 03/04/2018  A. Quillen  U. of Rochester, USA Tidal and spin evolution of moons and planets
 27/03/2018  N. Neumayer  MPIA, Germany  The build-up of galactic nuclei: how do black holes get there?
 23/03/2018`  W. Danchi  NASA Goddard, USA  NASA Astrophysics Decadal Survey: Large missions and Probes
 20/03/2018  S. Khoperskov  GEPI, France  Chemo-dynamical modelling of thick/thin disks
13/03/2018  F. Snik  Leiden University, The Netherlands  High-contrast imaging with liquid crystals
 22/02/2018  M. Kilberger  CEA, France  Weak gravitational lensing: higher-order statistics and new inference approaches
 20/02/2018  R. Ligi  INAF, Italy  Characterization of exoplanetary systems: 
high angular resolution
 13/02/2018  G. Grimbert  UFRJ & OCA, Brazil  Interaction between hydrodynamics and differential geometry
 12/02/2018  A. Skuladottir  MPIA, Germany  Sulphur & Zinc in the Sculptor dwarf spheroidal galaxy
 06/02/2018  F. Patru  LESIA, France  Fundamental gain in high-contrast imaging with the LBTI in Fizeau mode
 30/01/2018  C. Avdellidou  ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands  Observing the Moon: A large-scale hypervelocity impact laboratory
 23/01/2018  E. Lagadec  OCA, France  Three years of science with SPHERE/VLT
 16/01/2018  A.-L. Maire  MPIA, Germany  Orbital characterization of giant exoplanets and brown dwarfs with VLT/SPHERE
 09/01/2018  M. Cerruti  LPHNE, France  A window on the TeV sky: recent results from H.E.S.S. II

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