The ISSP team

Nayeem EBRAHIMKUTTY. Engineer: machine learning on stellar atmosphere models and interferometric modeling 10/2022 - 06/2023

Pierre GENESLAY: Engineer, automation and commissioning of SPICA, Adaptive Optics CHARA, 09/2021-08/2023

Romina IBAÑEZ-BUSTOS. Postdoc (SBC relations) from 11/2022 to 10/2025

Estelle JACQMART: mechanical engineer, 11/2021-02/2022

Juraj JONAK: PhD student, 12-2022-11-2025

Roxanne LIGI. postdoc (exoplanet host stars) from 12/2022 to 11/2025

Denis MOURARD: PI of the ISSP project

Cyril PANNETIER: postdoc (SPICA Fringe Tracker) from 1/2/2023 to 31/10/2023

David SALABERT: Engineer, Survey management-DRS-QCS, 09/2021-08/2024

Mathieu VRARD: Postdoc, Asterosismology & Interferometry, 01/04/2023-31/03/2026

The ISSP survey is managed with co-investigators considered as associate experts: Orlagh CREEVEY, Sebastien DEHEUVELS, Nicolas NARDETTO, Armando DOMICIANO, Markus WITTKOWSKI, and Karine PERRAUT


Direct collaborators

The CHARA group at Mount Wilson and Atlanta: Doug, Gail, Theo, Judit & Laszlo, Nils, Chris, Narsi, Nic, Robert, Craig, Steve, Larry, Norm, Olli..

The SPICA group at OCA: Philippe, Cyril, Julien, Christophe, Daniel, Sylvain, Fred, Alain, Fatmé, Stéphane, Isabelle

The JMMC group at OSUG, with a special tag for Guillaume and Laurent