"GROUND PICARD" is a set of 4 ground based instruments which are operated at the Calern facility of the Cote d’Azur Observatory during the space mission PICARD .The goal is to measure the solar shape simultaneously from space and ground and to learn how to interpret ground measurements through a detail analysis of atmospheric effets. This project is a collaboration between LAGRANGE (OCA), LATMOS (IPSL) and CRAAG (Algiers) and is supported by the french spatial agency (CNES) as part of the PICARD mission.

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  • Project Manager MISOLFA: F. Morand (Lagrange)
  • Project Manager SODISM-2: M. Meftah (LATMOS)
  • Scientific Team: M. Meftah, A. Hauchecorne (LATMOS), T. Corbard, R. Ikhlef, F. Morand, A. Ziad (Lagrange) T.E. Abdelatif (CRAAG)
  •  Ingeneers and technicians: M. Meftah, G. Poiet, P. Lesueur (LATMOS), F. Morand, C. Renaud, F. Ubaldi (Lagrange), M. Fodil (CRAAG)