This postdoc position, which can be filled for up to 5 years, is for a scientist who will investigate global protoplanetary disk evolution (gas and dust) and planetesimal formation in collaboration with Dr. A. Morbidelli, at Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur in Nice, France. The models will be tested against the cosmochemical constraints provided by the meteorite record, in collaboration with Prof. T. Kleine of the University of Münster (Germany), and will be used to predict the distribution and properties of original planetesimals that are not sampled by the meteorites.

The position is funded by the European Research Council project « HolyEarth : a holistic approach to understand Earth formation » (PI. A. Morbidelli). The successful candidate will work in a multidisciplinary and international environment, with expertise that covers planetary science, accretion modeling and cosmochemistry. The start date is Jan/1/2022.

Experience in numerical integration of differential equations and knowledge in planetary science are required.

Applications, consisting of a CV, publication list, details of three referees and a statement of current and future research interests, should be sent to Dr. A. Morbidelli (, from whom further details can be obtained.

Selection process

The candidate should send to his/her CV, a motivation letter and provide the names of three established researchers recommending the candidate within the indicated deadline (Oct. 13, 2021). After analysis of the provided written material, a few candidates will be short-listed for an oral (zoom) interview. The decision will be communicated before November 15, 2021.

Web site for additional job details.

Offer Requirements

Required educational level

  • Astronomy : PhD or equivalent


  • Experience in scientific computations and simulations
  • Programming in Fortran and/or C language
  • Knowledge of partial differential equations

Work location(s)

Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur, boulevard de l'Observatoire, 06300 NICE, France.