After two years (2016-2017) of preliminary studies and design, the baseline solution for the SPICA Fringe Tracker (SPICA-FT) is to add a fibered 6T integrated optic chip, encoding the 15 baselines with the ABCD method and to use the low-resolution H-band spectrograph of MIRCx and the CRedOne detector. This part of the project is decomposed into four main activities:

  1. Design and fabrication of the IO chip. Assembly and  photometric characterization
  2. Design and realization of the interferometric testbed in Nice
  3. Design and realization of the opto-mechanical interface with MIRCx
  4. Study and realization of the fringe sensor loop, the state machine and the OPD controller.


The figure below (from P. Labeye, PhD) give a schematic representation of the 6T-ABCD fringe sensor currently designed and fabricated by the VLC Photonics company.