Les présentations des séminaires passés sont téléchargeables ci-dessous. Slides from previous seminars can be downloaded here, see below.

 2019-12-11  N. Nesvadba  OCA, France
 2019-12-03  B. Zanda  Musée d'Histoire Naturelle, France

 Meteorites: the archives of the Solar System

 2019-11-26  O. Minazzoli  OCA, France  First conservative constraints on the mass of the graviton from solar system observations and planetary ephemerides
 2019-11-26  M. Schultheis  OCA, France  The nuclear star clusters (Milky Way & Extragalactic)
 2019-11-19  Y. Prufer  Metropôle Nice Côte d'Azur
 2019-11-12  S. Cerri  Princeton University, USA
 2019-11-05  E. Jehin  STAR Institute, Université de Liège, Belgium

 TRAPPIST: 10 years of Science and Operations

 2019-10-15  F. Spoto  OCA, France
 2019-10-08  B. Malte Schaefer  Center for Astronomy, University of Heidelberg, Germany  Good and bad news: intrinsic alignments in weak lensing data
 2019-10-01  B. Neichel  LAM, France  HARMONI, the ELT first light IFU
 2019-09-24  O. Minazzoli  OCA, France
 2019-09-24  A. Crida  OCA, France
 2019-09-17  S. Borgniet  LESIA, France  Improving Milky Way Cepheid distance estimations with high-resolution spectroscopy
 2019-09-10  J. Freundlich  Hebrew university of Jerusalem, israël  Galaxy evolution: a gas perspective
 2019-09-03  A. Lamberts  OCA, France
 2019-07-02  A. Renzini INAF, Italy  Perspectives at detecting globular clusters in formation at high redshifts (z~3 to 10)
 2019-06-28  S. Cassisi National Institute for Astrophysics - Italy

The oldest stellar populations in the Milky Way: the multiple stellar population phenomenon in Galactic Globular Clusters and its implication for the Galaxy formation

 2019-06-25  H. Homann  OCA, France
 Why using modern C++ for scientific computing ?
 2019-06-25  M. Faurobert  OCA, France
 2019-06-18  J.F. Cardoso  IAP, France
 2019-06-11  E. Gourgoulhon  LUTH, France  Gravitational waves from star-like objects orbiting the Galactic Center black hole
 2019-06-04  R. Lau  JAXA, Japan  WR DustERS: a JWST-ERS program to resolve the nature of dust in Wolf-Rayet binary winds
 2019-05-28  M. Bergemann  MPIA, Germany  Reading physics from stellar spectra
 2019-05-21  A. Chelli  OCA, France  Pseudo-photometric distances of 30 open clusters
 2019-05-07  A. Maury  CEA, France  Characterizing the formation mechanisms of protostellar disks: observations and models
 2019-04-30  A. Chiavassa  OCA, France
 2019-04-30  R. Flamary  OCA, France
 2019-04-23  I. Delvecchio  CEA, France  Clues on radio AGN feedback at high-redshift from deep radio surveys
 2019-04-02  F. Cantalloube  MPIA, Germany  Imaging exoplanets and circumstellar disks: the current instruments and their limitations
 2019-03-26   A. Arentsen  AIP, Germany  Exploring the metal-poor inner Galaxy with the Pristine survey
 2019-03-19  S. Sridhar  Astron, The Netherlands  Magnetic fields in nearby galaxies: A new low-frequency radio continuum perspective
 2019-03-12  D. Meyer  University of Exeter, UK
 2019-03-05  A. Mastrobuono-Battisti  MPIA, Germany
 2019-02-26  F. Fragkoudi  MPIA, Germany  The Bar Connection: Effects of the bar on the Milky Way bulge and disc
 2019-02-05  A. Amarsi  MPIA, Germany  Improved line formation models for more accurate stellar chemical abundances
 2019-01-29  J. Sorce  CRAL, France  Do we need a new cosmological model? GMO-CLONES, a solution to the precision cosmology dilemma
 2019-01-22  H. Le Treut  Institut Pierre SImon Laplace, France  De l'alerte à l'action sur le changement climatique, quels enjeux nouveaux pour la science et la modélisation
 2019-01-15  M. Delbo  OCA, France  The preliminary survey of the near-Earth asteroid Bennu by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx
 2019-01-08  P. Hennebelle  CEA, France  The formation and early evolution of planet-forming disks